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Fat Tire TriviaFood :: Misc
Fat Tire Trivia
8:00 PM
Sean Kelly's
Come down to Sean Kelly's for some great food, drinks and brain teasing trivia, courtesy of Fat Tire Ale.
If you've never done it before, here's how it works. Pub-goers divide themselves up into teams, with each team receiving a scoring sheet for each of the eight or so rounds. A local radio personality reads aloud a list of questions, 10 per round. Teammates then mutter possible answers among themselves, arguing minor points, citing precedent, pulling rank. Finally, they arrive at an answer. Then they write it down. Repeat nine more times. That's about it. The action of the game is restricted entirely to whispering and writing. (And drinking.) Observers have noted the eerie hush that falls over the bar on Brainstormer night, with patrons tippling back New Belgium Brewing Co. Beers with one hand and scribbling furiously with the other. It's like the SATs, basically, but there's booze, and prizes for the top 4 teams.
Age Group: 21+
Venue: Sean Kelly's
Address: 130 W Pine Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406 542 1471

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