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The Missoula Indoor Ad Network:


Missoula Indoor Ads are 8 1/2 X 11-inch full color ads posted in Missoula businesses with hundreds of frames to choose from. Chances are you’ve already seen them all over town in your favorite restaurants, health clubs, clothing stores, bars, laundromats, or theaters.

What is the Indoor Network Edge?

Missoula Indoor Ads presents a unique opportunity to target your customers. Are your customers enjoying a microbrew? Taking in a movie? We’ll help you choose your Indoor space based on where your potential customers are sure to be.

Is your target-audience Men? Women? No matter the demographic of your customers, you can choose locations that will reach your specific audience. And unlike TV or radio ads that speak to customers for 15 or 30 seconds, and billboards, which are for under 10 seconds, Missoula Indoor Ads get an average of two minutes of time with each person who sees them. And Missoula Indoor Ads get the complete attention of your customer because they are placed so no other advertisements are within view.

Placement with Missoula Indoor Ads lasts for an entire month, increasing the likelihood of repetitive viewing. This increases the retention rate of your message with your target audience. And its easy to revise ads and change locations on a monthly basis. Missoula Indoor Ads evolve with your business as events, products, and customers change.

Missoula Indoor Supports the Community.

At Missoula Indoor Ads, we believe in community-based business alliances. We do our part for the community by donating ad space to local non-profit organizations every month. You can be assured that all advertising in Missoula Indoor Ads space is with local businesses and organizations that give back to the community.

The Missoula Indoor Network is Your Edge in Community Advertising.

When you work with Missoula Indoor Ads, you’ll get professionally designed color ads that highlight the competitive advantages of your business. You select the locations of your ads and we post them for thirty days and then we’ll rotate them to a new location to gain even more exposure for your business.

So what does all of this wonderful exposure cost you? We think you’ll find that our prices reflect the realities of small business budgets. And, you can expect a high level of customer service. You’ll get quick response times, dedication to high-quality design, and your choice of locations. If you want a cost-effective way of getting your message in front of more potential customers, join the Missoula Indoor Network this month.




Access Fitness
Al's & Vic's
Bernice's Bakery
Bitterroot Gymnastics
Board of Missoula
Boom Swagger
Clay Studio
Clyde Coffee
Cranky Sam Public House
Draught Works Brewery
El Diablo
Five on Black Downtown
Five on Black South
Golden Rose
Great Burn Brewery
Hammond Arcade
Highlander Beer
Home Resource
Iron Horse
Kettle House South Side
Lambert Chiropractic/Crossfit
Laughing Grizzly
Le Petit Outre
Liquid Planet
Liquid Planet Grille
Liquid Planet, N. Reserve (in Farmers State Bank)
Locals Only/Cutting Crew
Mismo Gymnastics
Missoula Bike & Type
Missoula Underground Strength Training
Nonna's Neighborhood Eatery
Ogren Park/Allegiance Field
Sa Wad Dee
Snowbowl (seasonal)
Sports Barn
Staggering Ox
Stave & Hoop
Taco del Sol (Downtown)
Taco del Sol (Brooks)
Taco del Sol (Reserve)
Taco Sano
Union Club
West Side Theater/Freestone Climbing Gym/Crossfit
Worden’s Market