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Education :: Health
From Surviving to Thriving
10:00 AM
Red Willow Learning Center
From Surviving to Thriving Description:
This 90-minute workshop guides you from identifying your big-picture dreams to defining goals that translate to real everyday action. If you’ve ever had a goal that stayed in the “maybe someday” category, this course will show you the specific steps needed to shift that dream into reality.

You’ll learn how to build the support you’ll need, evaluate your progress, adapt to the unexpected, and fine-tune the details of executing your goals.

Most importantly, you’ll see why the skill of reframing challenges and limiting beliefs may be the crucial missing step that kept you unsuccessful in the past.

Rather than identifying strategies to try harder and push and force more, we’ll look more closely at how to establish real alignment to the change you want. Inspired goal identification, supportive internal beliefs, and aligned action is the way to find joy in building the life you want.

Instructor: Lisa Inman
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Age Group: 18+
Venue: Red Willow Learning Center
Address: 700 South Avenue West Suite C Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-530-7175

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