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The Wiz of the West
4:00 PM
MCT Center for the Performing Arts
The Missoula Children's Theatre presents The Wiz of the West, the classic story The Wizard of Oz, but with a twist... or should we say, twister?! Follow Tinhorn, Lionel, Scared Crow, Dotty and, of course, her little dog Mooch through a saga of Western adventure and personal discovery. First they tangle with Mad Dog's gang of bad, barkin', back-bitin' hounds who work for the meanest old witch in the West: Hawknose Halley. Then they encounter the brainless Buzzards and the terrifying Tarantulas. The singin' Coyotes help move things along while Ma and Pa Munch and the rest of the Munch Kin point out the way to Dr. Ozzy, the Wizard of Frontier Medicine. Which way is that? Why Westward, o' course! The Wiz of the West... a fairy tale with a twang!
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Age Group: Kids
Venue: MCT Center for the Performing Arts
Address: 200 N. Adams St. Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 728-1911

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