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The Arts :: Art Show
Missoula Bird Nerds
5:00 PM
Zootown Arts Community Center
The ZACC is delighted to present Missoula Bird Nerds: Works by Dottie Moon Angilan Herring & Lucy Jones Niamin Herring in the Youth Gallery for the month of December.

My name is Dottie Moon Angilan Herring. I am 8 years old and live in Missoula, MT. I love
birds!! I also love to read, play outside, play legos, learn, fish, hunt, and swim. My favorite color
is golden. My favorite animal is an eagle. I'm scared of snakes. I used to love whales but at the
start of the pandemic I started birding because you can’t see whales in Montana. I have a blog,
it is www.missoulabirdnerds.com. I am Yup’ik and an enrolled tribal member of the
Orutsararmuit Native Council.

I draw birds, lots and lots of birds! For my art, I use micron pens, colored pencils, normal blue
erase pencils, watercolor grid paper, paints, and paintbrushes. I thought having an art show
would be a great opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. I think drawing has made me a
better birder, I think that because I have learned new field marks and different species of birds.

I am Lucy Jones Niamin Herring. I live in Missoula, Montana. I am five. I am an artist and a
chatterbox. I love to read books, play tag and find worms. My favorite color is pink. My favorite
animals are made up ones. I used to love cheetahs when I was a baby. I love birds because
they are kind of annoying and tweet toooo much. I'm scared of bears. I am Yup’ik and an
enrolled tribal member of the Ortsararmuit Native Council.

I draw birds. I learned to draw birds from my sister. I use watercolor pencils, paper and pens. I
think of all the birds I see, then I choose my favorite. I am showing.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Zootown Arts Community Center
Address: 216 W Main St Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: N/A

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