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Dominion Film Screening and Discussion Panel Art :: Film also Education :: Discussion
Dominion Film Screening and Discussion Panel
4:00 PM
The Roxy
Montana has become a moving target for massive multi-species slaughterhouses that are highly detrimental to the environment and Montanan's quality of life. A Canadian company wants to build a facility in Great Falls that would slaughter 500,000 cows, 3 million pigs and 30 million chickens a year, while using 3.5 million gallons of water and producing 103,000 lbs of solid waste DAILY. There is also a large multi-species slaughterhouse that has been proposed on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation that is home to the 17,321-member Blackfeet Nation- one of the 10 largest tribes in the United States.

Once these facilities take root, they historically ripple outwards with more in surrounding counties. These facilities are one of the leading causes of climate change, contaminate local waters and land, pollute the air and lack supportive job opportunities due to incredibly low wages and dangerous working conditions with a high emotional toll that historically exploits minorities and low income families.

Please join us for a free screening of the award winning film Dominion, which exposes the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through seven years of undercover footage by an international crew. *DUE TO THE GRAPHIC NATURE OF SLAUGHTERHOUSES, PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED. (We recommend 14 yrs of age.)

THE FILM WILL BE FOLLOWED BY A PANEL DISCUSSION concerning the conditions and environmental implications of industrial slaughterhouses.
Panelists: STACY GORDON STERLING- Professor of Law, Blewett School of Law, who will discuss Ag-Gag law and how it affects Montanans,
BART MILHAILOVICH- U.S. Organizing Manager for Waterkeeper Alliance and Chair of the City of Missoula's Energy and Climate Team, who will discuss the environmental implications of industrial slaughterhouses,
and UMA GRAHAM- Community Plant-Based Ambassador, who will discuss the intersectionality of slaughterhouses and approachable solutions.

Event Outline:
4-4:15 free food sample and information in the lobby
4:15-4:25 Introduction
4:25-6:30 Dominion Screening
6:30-6:40 Brief Intermission
6:40-7:20 Panel Discussion
7:20-7:45 Q and A
7:45-8:00 an opportunity for additional lobby time

Thank you to our Sponsors: Climate Save Missoula, Montana Animal Save, Absaroka Realty, Plant Perks, Aussie Farms and Vegfund.

Please contact Climate Save Missoula with questions: climatesavemissoula@gmail.com
Age Group: All Ages
Address: 718 S Higgins Ave Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 728-9380

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