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The Arts :: Dance
Bamboo Bodies
5:15 PM
Downtown Dance Collective
5:15 - 6 PM

Bamboo Bodies is based on seasonal movement and the Five Element Theory. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the correlation of health and the changing seasons. We eat differently as Summer moves into Winter. We dress differently as Winter warms into Summer. Why aren't we exercising differently?
Bamboo Bodies is structured around Chinese Philosophy as you learn to move internal energy (Qi) through each meridian pertaining to the season. Strengthening your immune system, increasing circulation, improving range of motion and balance, is all part of the Bamboo Bodies perks!
Fitness goes beyond how you look in the mirror, this class is about internal health as well as movement that heals. Neuro-based movement awakens the mind to stimulate the body's ability of pain-free movement. Corrective exercises enhance biomechanics and alignment. Mindful movement educates individuals to become more body aware. Overall, Bamboo Bodies gives you a structured class that helps you move to move forever with smart and balanced exercises!
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Downtown Dance Collective
Address: 121 West Main Street Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-360-8763

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