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Montana Code School Demo Day: MissoulaEducation :: Discussion also Business :: Start-up
Montana Code School Demo Day: Missoula
5:30 PM
Gecko Designs
Looking for an employee with coding skills? Interested in becoming a Montana Code School student?

Join us for Montana Code School’s Demo Day to meet our talented students who will be available for hire starting in December 2018.

Our students have spent the last few weeks in teams developing an app from scratch. Their projects are built using Mongo, Express, React and Node.js. In addition to our standard full-stack development, we've been exploring TDD in Python, Javascript, and Ruby.

Our students are ideal candidates for tech companies looking for software developers and interns. Montana Code School alumni have joined Submittable, Partners Creative, ATG, Cedar Mountain Software, Workiva, and others.

Free Beer and Food Provided!
Project descriptions:

We have a group of focused coders in our fall full-time class. They’ve started from ground zero and have two apps in process for the 8th. For the first round of projects the stack is built in React: Facebooks powerhouse JavaScript Library that allows for dynamic state handling and tracks a virtual DOM.

Database choice was mongoDb for it’s flexibility and integration with Node. Our servers are built out with the Express framework and the projects were rounded out with the addition of some web sockets and google Oauth.



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Self-knowledge is the beginning of ALL knowledge.
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Montana Code School exists to launch students’ careers in software development and to contribute to our growing tech community. We prepare students for rapid placement in business as well as for entrepreneurship. We teach our students how to learn software programming so they can thrive in various tech environments. Our students are creative, agile and logical thinkers that also learn empathy, collaboration, and strong communication skills.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that the best way to learn includes teaching, and we experiment with ways to encourage students to teach and support each other. We use the best tools and philosophies we know of for generating great software, building great teams, offering great experiences to those who use our software and producing real business value from our work. This includes ideas from the Agile Manifesto and the Agile software community, Lean Manufacturing, Accelerated Learning, Positive Psychology, the newest Brain Science, and more. We rely on quick feedback loops. We have a plan, but we adapt based on what works. Play is perhaps the best learning tool of them all.

Fun, Joy and Happiness are not optional!
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Gecko Designs
Address: 523 N Higgins Ave Missoula, MONTANA 59802
Phone: (406) 662-1123

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