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Non-Toxic Intaglio (Dry-Point Etching) Class
6:00 PM
Zootown Arts Community Center
5 Tuesdays Sept 22, 29, Oct 6, 13, 20 // 6-8 PM

This ZOOM workshop is an introduction to the basics of dry point etching. Using a clear plastic plate, participants will learn plate preparation, explore techniques for image making, and create original prints. Students can choose to print by hand at home or make an appointment to use the ZACC printshop presses.

Intaglio comes from the Italian word Intagliare meaning ‘to incise.’ The lines or areas that hold the ink are incised below the surface of the plate, and printing relies on the pressure of the hand or press to force damp paper into these recessed lines, to pick up ink. Dry-Point etching is a method of Intaglio.

Lesson 1: Material Overview // History // Prepping Your Plate // Mark Making on Plastic

Lesson 2: Paper // Inking & Wiping Your Plate // Printing With or Without a Press // Clean up

Lesson 3: Adding Color To Your Plate // À la poupée

Lesson 4: layering with Chine-Colle and other mono print techniques

Lesson 5: Collage // Make a piece of art from old and/or unsuccessful prints

Material List
Materials can be found on Blick. Less expensive options are listed as well.
Etching Plates (Blick) I’ll be working with 5x7in acrylic plates. Plexiglass works great but must be flat.
Black Etching Ink (Blick) Soy based Akua is also a great non-toxic ink.
Etching needle (Blick) an 8in nail will work too!
Wiping Cloth (Blick) Used dryer sheets or cheesecloth work well too!
Printmaking Paper (Blick)
Baren (Blick) or a metal spoon or bone folder will work as well!
Scrap Paper // an old telephone book, news print, magazines or old mail.
Inking Palette // glass or plexiglass
Tagboard or Cardboard Scraps
Water Bath (a flat shallow pan or dish that a piece of paper can lay flat and soak in.)
A clean bath towel for blotting paper
A palette knife
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Age Group: 18+
Venue: Zootown Arts Community Center
Address: 216 W. Main St. Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 549-7555

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