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New Moon Cacao & Sound Journey
7:00 PM (America/Denver GMT-06:00)
Sacred Ally
Let the Sound be thy Medicine!
We are sound!!! From the denser frequencies that shape our cells and body, to the cosmic frequencies that interact and influence our very reality. We are but vibration in form. Thus......vibration and sound can be such potent medicine! When paired with the heart centered properties of cacao, a gentle healing state is created.

This New Moon Sound Journey will take you into your heart and guide your nervous system into deep relaxation. Your brain will drop into therapeutic Theta states that promote subconscious healing on many levels. This event is a safe container for all. A place of acceptance, where one can access profound rest and peace.

Please bring your own nesting materials (yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc). You will be lying on a hard floor so please bring anything that will make you feel supported and comfortable. Some people even bring camp pads : )

*Note - while cacao is considered a plant medicine, it is very gentle and grounding. It does not induce any psychotropic effects. Most people do not feel buzzed by cacao and instead feel incredibly centered. It is also not in the same arena as chocolate which has large amounts of added sugar or sweetener. This cacao is pure ceremonial grade and is sustainably grown and harvested with a lot of love and soul. It is optional if you wish to receive the cacao offering.
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Sacred Ally
Address: 736A S 1st st W Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 14068308082

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