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Summer Solstice Cacao And Sound Journey
7:00 PM (America/Denver)
Westside Theatre
Summer Solstice Reminds us of Change
Things are always changing and evolving. Summer Solstice reminds us of the ever changing nature of life. It also carries us into an energy of nourishment versus action. The long days are slowing and gently carrying us towards the journey within.

This Summer Solstice, we invite you to a special evening where we can embrace the energy of change and reflect on the medicine of transition. We can celebrate the longest day of the year and honor the wisdom of the seasons.

Join us for a powerful evening of ceremony. We will start with some Sacred Cacao so that you can feel grounded in your body. Together we will sip this therapeutic elixir to open your heart space and align with your spirit. You will be guided on a delightful meditation to connect with the spirit of cacao and prepare your body to receive the healing benefits of sound.

Cacao is a gentle therapeutic plant medicine that has been used throughout the ages for it?s healing benefits and heart opening properties. It is non-psychotropic and is served in its purest form to aid in an overall sense of wellbeing.

From here you will lay down in your cozy nest to journey through an hour long sound emersion of tibetan and crystal singing bowls, deep gong resonance and various other indigenous instruments from around the globe.

This experience will leave you feeling grateful, peaceful and aligned.

What To Bring:
-Yoga Mat, camp pad, cozy bedding ( you will be laying on a hard floor so make yourself cozy!)
-Blankets, pillow
-Water bottle
-Bring your favorite mug for cacao!
-Bring a camp chair if you wish to sit in a chair instead of the floor.
-Some people like to wear an eye mask or scarf during the sound journey - optional
*Please note Sacred Ally is hosting this event at Westside Theatre

1200 Shakespeare #2

Missoula MT, 59802

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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Westside Theatre
Address: 1200 Shakespeare #2 missoula, mt 59802
Phone: N/A