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Children in Between: Divorce and Separation Curriculum
6:00 PM
Families First MT
Children in Between is a Divorce and Separation Curriculum that presents skills training using best practices in adult education and behavior modeling. Children in Between focuses on teaching anger control and respectful communication to parents as a means of ending loyalty conflicts and lowering risk for children of divorce and/or separation.

Children of divorce are at high risk for a number of behavioral and emotional problems. Longitudinal research shows that only about a third can be described as "doing well" three, five, and even ten years after the divorce. Another third have persistent adjustment difficulties, while the final third are still intensely unhappy, angry, dissatisfied with life, depressed, and deeply lonely. Many parents are so caught up in their own pain and distress and financial worries-- both during the divorce and after-- that they are simply not tuned in to their children's reactions and problem- our course addresses this.

The advantages to providing an educational intervention are numerous, but most importantly they guarantee that all parents with children under 18 who are engaged in divorce or post-divorce proceedings will be exposed to materials and discussions that will sensitize them to their children's difficulties and, hopefully, teach them skills to minimize the children's stress.
?Our multi-session approach aims to reduce parental conflict and give parents instruction on how to reduce their child's exposure to conflict. When parents hear about other parents' similar experiences, it increases their own likelihood of sharing their experiences and makes it more likely they will critically examine their own behavior. It also increase peer-to-peer support. Some advantages of this approach include:
a. enhanced opportunities for participation in discussion, resulting in better learning and higher interest
b. greater opportunity for parents to practice skills between classes and get feedback in a subsequent session
c. greater motivation to do "homework" since there is a follow up session
d. more information is presented

Our next series will be ONLINE beginning on Tuesday, June 2. Class dates are: June 2, June 9, and June 16 from 6-8 pm. Due to COVID-19, we are offering this class at the reduced fee rate of $50 for ALL participants.
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Families First MT
Address: Online Missoula, MT 59806
Phone: 4067217690

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