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How to Make a Birch Bark Canoe
9:00 AM
Lifelong Learning Center
From the Atlantic to the
Pacific North America’s Indigenous
Peoples (including Montana
tribes) made incredibly sophisticated
and high functioning canoes from the
bark of Paper Birch trees. These vessels
functioned so well along the vast
network of northern water based trade
routes that European fur traders soon
abandoned technology derived from
the Old World in favor of Bark Canoes
of Indigenous design and manufacture.
Birch bark Canoes can be
made entirely in the woods with a few
simple tools: the ax, wooden wedges,
crooked knife and the awl. No need
for power outlets, hearing protection,
or dust masks, this is truly a “bush”
craft. In this class we will introduce
students to the history, design, function,
and manufacturing of traditional
birch bark canoes through both class
room and hands on sessions. Learn
to peel and split roots, split and carve
cedar with traditional tools, handle
birch bark, and bend ribs. Additional
discussions will be held on harvesting
and procuring materials, as well as,
modern alternatives like wood canvas
canoe construction. Your instructor
will have a birch bark canoe on hand
for class room discussion and study.
S-MISC46 Dickinson LLC $93
# Sessions-2 Day-Th 5/16 6-8PM
Sa 5/18 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Lind, Lindy
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Lifelong Learning Center
Address: 310 S Curtis St Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-549-8765

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