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UM WorldFest: Engaging Community in Internationalism Education :: Global-International
UM WorldFest: Engaging Community in Internationalism
10:00 AM
via Zoom
Join a six-person panel of UM campus and city leaders in international education and programming, discussing how advocating for greater global awareness has helped transform Missoula into an “international city” and learn about the comprehensive internationalization strategy that connects various international programming efforts on our campus to our community. The panel will provide insights from completed and ongoing initiatives, ranging from promoting and providing international life-changing experiences, to fostering globally-minded leaders of integrity, to reaching across disciplines to explore global challenges through collaboration and hands-on experience, to connecting art, culture, and community through education, advocacy and celebration.
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: via Zoom
Address: UM Missoula, MT 59808
Phone: N/A

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