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Education :: Online
UM WorldFest: Cooking Spaetzle with Larissa Fluck
12:00 AM
University of Montana
*This event is pre-recorded and will be available starting April 9.
Enjoy this detailed, step-by-step 10-minute instructional film, by a young talented German/American chef. Spätzle (pronounced SHPAYT-zlee) is a popular side dish native to Germany. Spätzle are small pieces of dough, rolled out on a wooden board and cut into a pot of simmering water. The first literature of Spätzle has been traced to 1725, Medieval Knights are depicted in paintings with their Spaetzle boards. The dish is easy to make, as it only has three very common ingredients: flour, salt and water. When cooked the Spätzle are browned in a hot frying pan, with a little butter and seasoned mostly with a bit of salt, pepper and nutmeg. Spätzle recipes vary by region.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: University of Montana
Address: 32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: (406) 243-6880

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