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Music :: Rock
Grocer (PA) w/ Calamity Cowboy & Wildlands
7:30 PM (America/Denver)
Zootown Arts Community Center
Grocer is a band from Philadelphia, PA. Led by three distinct vocalists, they pendulate between moments of brash atonality, saccharine pop sensibility, and rhythmic acrobatics. Their compositions are both meticulous and volatile, while their live performances are lauded for explosive chemistry with cheeky curiosity. On their most recent full length Number’s Game the band rearranged the puzzle pieces of 90s-influenced rock and dissonant pop into something utterly their own. Now building on a landscape of polyrhythms and chromaticism that their fans have grown to cherish, they explore new sonic structures in their forthcoming EP Scatter Plot. Across its six tracks, Grocer reiterates they are just as comfortable with glassy earworms as they are with angular dissonance. They remain giddy, furious and singularly themselves.

Calamity Cowboy was created in a petri dish by a mad scientist in 1943. Some might describe their sound as "shoegaze" or "garage rock." I would describe their sound as bad. Calamity Cowboy forever.

Wildlands is an aspiring three piece indie pop band based out of Missoula. They create and perform electrifying pop music for all to enjoy, so please enjoy it.
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Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Zootown Arts Community Center
Address: 216 W. Main St. Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 549-7555

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