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Paxson Elementary Walkout
10:00 AM
Paxson Elementary
The Paxson Elementary fifth graders are planning a walkout on the 14th of March. We are taking part in a nationwide walkout because we want to fight for safer schools and make sure that there aren't any more shootings. We will walk out the front of the school with signs for 17 minutes to commemorate the 17 people who were killed in Parkland, Florida. We have invited the 4th graders to participate as well. Our principal, Mr. Peter Halloran is working with to make sure our walkout and demonstration is proper, effective, and safe. We appreciate his help with this matter. We have made at least 47 signs for our walkout and at least 45 kids participating. We want people in power to know that this is an issue, and do something about it. Even though we are young, we want our voices to be heard by the world.
Salome McGahan Daniel
Fifth grader at Paxson
Age Group: Kids
Venue: Paxson Elementary
Address: 101 Evans Ave Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: N/A

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