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Emotions: Support you with herbs & essential oils!Education :: Health also Education :: Classes
Emotions: Support you with herbs & essential oils!
6:30 PM
Sarah House
Would you like to BE more happy, connected and empowered?

We all have emotions and they may, at times, make you feel like you have less than optimum control over them.

Essential oils And Herbs can support you in

The ways you respond or react

Help you take that vital 10-20 seconds to breathe

Help you in processing your emotions

Have tangible tools you can use throughout your day to bring more calm and inner peace

Reduce stress by implementing essential oils into the way you deal with the emotions of yourself and your family on a daily basis

Empower you to teach your children a ‘new way’ to do all of this above with their emotions to.

This is a make and take class! We will make the entire Emotional Blend Series :






EACH Roller Blend is $5 and all supplies are provided!

In this class you will learn…

What essential oils are. What herbs are? How are they different?

How essential oils can support you and your family in processing your emotions

How you can choose and shift your moods using essential oils and or herbs

Feel empowered to choose the corresponding oil for the desired emotion

Understand emotions are affecting you right now and how you can cultivate self compassion and self love protocols for yourself and your family members.

Caregivers of Tweens Teens Rejoice!

Feel free to bring along a friend and make sure to RSVP to this event.

Come along to discover how essential oils can support you in leading a natural and holistic life.

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Age Group: 18+
Venue: Sarah House
Address: 2567 Hiawatha Rd Missoula, MT 59808-5684
Phone: 406-544-6582

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