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Hindu-style Lord Shiva puja & kirtan chant: Sivaratri!Special Events :: Religious also Art :: Theatre
Hindu-style Lord Shiva puja & kirtan chant: Sivaratri!
7:45 PM
OAO Temple Haus
Maha Shivaratri Festival Tuesday!!

Namaste, dear ones!

This Tuesday, 2/13 the OAO Temple in Missoula will be celebrating the ancient Hindu holiday Maha Shivaratri. Please see the schedule below! This festival observes the power of the Shivling, or Shiva Lingam, as the emblematic symbol of the projective force of the universe when coupled with the Yoni: the symbol of Mother Shakti. By honoring the Lingam and Yoni, we honor Lord Siva and Maa Parvati: gods of ancient India who embody the regenerative forces of nature. Siva (Rudra) blesses his devotees with love, empowerment, and the ability to alchemize negative energies into positive self-awareness. Siva is one of the world's most ancient gods of love, wisdom, self-restraint, Karma, Dharma, and conquering ignorance. Siva and Parvati are the mythical parents of Lord Ganesha, Lord Karttikeya (Skanda/Murugan), and AshokaSundari, and Siva is often recognized as the father of Ganga Maa (goddess of the Ganges River), and in some cases Manasa Mata and Santoshi Mata. Please click here for more information about Maha Shivarathri.

Please be advised that this is a fasting holiday, and we invite attendees to observe vrata (fasting) for the day, partaking in optional fruits, nuts and juices throughout the day (Coven members have been observing an 11-day vrata). A feast will not be provided following puja, as many of us will be fasting all day and night (consuming only liquids). While fasting is optional for guests, any sort of self-disciplined fasting at this time is believed to amplify the blessings of Lord Shiv during this much-revered New Moon. After the Sanskrit puja, we will be enjoying organic local milk in the form of savory doodh. Created by HPS Estha McNevin, this buttery masala (spiced) milk is a variation of the turmeric Haldi Ka Doodh, and is rich in medicinal spices to cure what ails ya and provide multilevel sustenance. OAO also sells this doodh powder mix in the vending booth.


7:45pm - Begin arriving for puja; wear semi-fancy or Eastern clothes if possible. Please arrive as close to this time as possible, as to begin Puja shortly upon arrival.
8:15pm - Shiva Puja begins, followed by devotional Kirtan chant and sacred poetry with Cami & Rain!
Afterward - Guests are invited to share sacred song, instruments, dancing & poetry

Ideas of what to Bring (optional):

- Yourself, most importantly! Friends and family are also welcome. Everyone is welcome, even if it is your first time at the temple. The more the merrier!
- Flowers of any type, for offering
- Fruits or nuts of any type, for offering and sharing
- Murtis/idols of Lord Shiva or Lingams to be blessed during Puja
- Pictures or representations of your personal Gurus or Teachers to be blessed
- Monetary donations for the OAO Temple, if possible (thank you for helping us thrive!)

Please let us know if you have any questions by phoning the number above or simply responding to this message. It will be wonderful to see you!

Om Namah Sivaya!
Har Har Mahadev!
Om Namoh Bagavade Rudraya!

Opus Aima Obscurae
Temple, Farm & Community Center

OAO Mission Statement: To serve as a rural temple, ceremonial space and educational resource center for the study of global earth-based spirituality; offering a creative multicultural environment for the practice of esoteric rituals, humanities education & community-supported agriculture.

More information: Opus Aima Obscurae, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is Missoula’s first multicultural Neopagan Temple & Farm. OAO's influences range from Wicca to Hinduism, and members believe that love and wisdom can be found in all spiritual paths. OAO frequently offers multicultural workshops, Open Library Days, community farming and gardening, public seasonal ceremonies, Tarot consultations, healing rituals and personal Rites of Passage. They can be reached at temple@opusaimaobscurae.org

Location: 9463 Upper Miller Creek Rd. (4.5 miles UP from Brooks, on the right)
Landline: 406.926.1802 / Cell: 406.207.1171
Web: www.opusaimaobscurae.org & www.facebook.com/opusaimaobscurae

Age Group: All Ages
Venue: OAO Temple Haus
Address: 9463 Upper Miller Creek Rd. Missoula, MT 59803
Phone: 406-926-1802

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