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Art :: Classes
Black and White Photography From Start to Finish
6:30 PM
Lifelong Learning Center
The best black and white photographs
come from recognizing interesting
light, distinctive shapes, and detailed
textures in the world around us. By
capturing these features in color, we
can convert them to dramatic black
and white images using photo editing
software. In this course, we work in
the field to capture the raw material
we need to produce monochrome
masterpieces. Then we use Adobe
Lightroom Classic to adjust exposure
and contrast, lighten and darken parts
of the image to improve its visual
impact, and apply special effects such
as sepia toning and traditional borders.
These techniques also work in
Adobe Photoshop. Experience with
the exposure controls on your camera
and with Adobe Lightroom Classic are
PH-PC08 Dickinson LLC $103
Th, 1/30-2/27 6:30 PM-9 PM
Sa 2/1, 3-5:30 PM Eyster, Kathy
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Lifelong Learning Center
Address: 311 S Curtis St Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-549-8766

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