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Journaling for Resilience Education :: Classes also Education :: Online
Journaling for Resilience
4:00 PM
The Learning Center at Red Willow
Journaling for Resilience
with Emily Withnall
Tuesdays, January 19–February 23, 4:00–5:00 PM

This has been a hard year for everyone for a variety of reasons—some shared experiences, and some deeply personal. Journaling is one way to make sense of particular moments, events, or feelings you might be experiencing. Writing has been proven to improve both mental and physical health by boosting our immune systems. Writing about what’s on our minds can also help us let go of thoughts or feelings we may have been holding onto. It may even improve our outlook.

As even avid journalers have been experiencing, staying at home can be monotonous and it can be hard to come up with new things to say, especially for those in quarantine or working from home. In this class, we will move beyond the everyday routines and responding to prompts chosen according to participants’ interests, needs, and curiosities. This class is for everyone—people who have never tried journaling, serious writers, and everyone in between.
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Age Group: 18+
Venue: The Learning Center at Red Willow
Address: Admin. Office, 700 South Ave., STE C Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-530-7175

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