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Puppy Play & Train
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Puppy Play & Train
10:00 AM
Puppy Play & Train - Free with daycare!
About Puppy Class:
Puppy school teaches canine social skills by learning how to interact appropriately with other dogs – including vital skills like polite dog-to-dog greeting behavior, being gentle with their teeth during play, and reading social cues to determine whether another puppy wants to play or be left alone. The human parents learn what appropriate play looks like and how to correct unwanted behaviors. Puppy school is the pre-curser to obedience training. Obedience training is much more successful after Puppy school because without these skills, many pups grow up to be adults who have difficulty communicating normally with other dogs, putting them at high risk for anxiety or aggression in social situations.

We will be teaching the following sessions in a rotation:
1.How to reward good choices
2.Learn to trust pet parents
3.Reading social cues
4.Dog-dog polite greeting
5.Gentle teeth and New objects
6.Handling and Grooming

Registration: If your puppy has one of our pre-paid packages or has attended our doggie daycare during the same week, the session is free! If you would like to attend just the session, it is $15 per session.

Space is limited so please reserve your spot in advance! Call/text 406-926-1477
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Unleashed
Address: 2118 S. Reserve Street - Behind Shipping Depot and Sleep City Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: 406-926-1477

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