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Kizomba WorkshopArt :: Dance
Kizomba Workshop
12:00 PM
Downtown Dance Collective
So you've figured out that there's something else out there besides salsa, swing, or tango - now what? Learn the basic technique, steps and movement that are all you need to dance an entire evening of kizomba. We'll also discover how to create a safe, intimate connection with our partners.

Sometimes called the African Tango, this 5-hour workshop will introduce you to a rhythmic improvisational dance style, that is a lovely fusion of tango, bachata, zouk and semba. This class is good for beginning and continuing students. Technique and basic movement patterns will be covered at the beginning of the workshop, followed by connection and dance styling and "moves".

Session 1: Kizomba 101
Noon - 1PM
Kizomba comes in many flavors these days, but nearly every song has a part where it drops to a smooth, simple sound. This is the time to focus on connection and play with body movement. We'll explore a few of the isolations and controlled transitions that make sense in these breaks. We'll start out working separately, gradually incorporating the movement into our partnerwork.
- History, musical influences, and contemporary variations.
- Body dissociation.
- Basic patterns of movement.
Session 2: Connection
1:10 - 2pm
Kizomba is about so much more than steps. What we look for is an amazing close connection, an effortless communication, a beautiful partnership. Come learn how to achieve that flow with your partner. We'll get into the details of leading with confidence and clarity as well as following with lightness and energy. We'll also discover how to create a safe, intimate connection with our partners. We often think of the sensual aspect of kizomba, but there are many times the music invites us to have fun! We'll try out a few ways to be playful and musical together.
- Embrace (keepin' it close)
- Torso/Hip -led movement
Session 3: Saida, Salida, Exit
2:10 3:30 pm
You've heard it called different things, but this is definitely the trademark of kizomba. We'll navigate the difference between outside partner steps and exiting in kizomba. By the end of class you'll have mastered the men's and ladies' saida, with some takeaways for variations in footwork and styling as well.
- dissociation
- saida technique
- saida variations
Session 4: Dancing hip-to-hip
3:30 - 5PM
You know that sweet spot, where you've stepped to the side of your partner, like a saida, that moment when you're hip-to-hip? Sooooo much can happen at this point, like leans, promenades, pivots, giros, and much more.
$30 member and non-member
$40 at the door
All workshop participants receive free admission to Latin Dance Nights!
9:30pm-2am at The Downtown Dance Collective.
Age Group: 18+
Venue: Downtown Dance Collective
Address: 121 West Main Street Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 541-7240

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