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Using Animal Communication With Your Cat Education :: Discussion also Special Events :: Community Event
Using Animal Communication With Your Cat
7:00 PM
Janet Roper
I bet something like this has happened to you - you've just finished feeding your cat, you've left the kitchen and have settled down for a relaxing evening when your cat starts howling like a banshee.

What's up with that? Can animal communication help with discovering what's going on with your cat? Yes, it can indeed.

Join me in this workshop which is specific to the idiosyncrasies of cats and how you can use animal communication to discover what's going on, bringing peace to the house.

We'll cover:
Why communicating with a cat is different from communicating with other animals
Some common reasons that might be contributors to your cat's behavior
How to effectively connect intuitively with your cat

This workshop is a highly interactive experience, a dynamic mixture of lecture, Q&A, participant chat, and making connections with like-minded folks throughout the call. There will be time on the call to practice connecting with your cat. You will leave the class with clear steps on how to better hear your cat, thereby better able to hear your cat!
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Age Group: 18+
Venue: Janet Roper
Address: 123 Your House Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 952-250-6922

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