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Art :: Dance
Capoeira Beginning
6:00 PM
Downtown Dance Collective
M 6-7PM
W 6-7:30PM

Capoeira is a dynamic form of martial arts practice first developed by African slaves in 16th century Brazil. Much more than a martial art, capoeira is a game both playful and objective with dance-like and acrobatic elements. Much like a physical game of chess, a capoeira game, or ‘jogo’ in portuguese (pronounced zho-goo), takes place in a circle, or ‘roda’ (pronounced ho-dah), formed by practitioners who clap and sing to music led by live instruments. For it’s enslaved early practitioners, capoeira served as a form of liberation and a celebration of what little they still had, their culture. Capoeira brings a street-wise and ecstatic energy to our modern world through a rich cultural history contained in its songs and movements.
Capoeira is a martial arts form, although in practice it is more about cultivating good energy and strength than violence. However, be prepared for physical contact. For example, kicks and take downs.
Capoeira is for everyone. A famous Mestre, or master of capoeira, once said: “who can learn capoeira is who wants to learn.” No previous experience necessary! Wear clothing that allows a free range of movement, no shoes. Some level of physical conditioning is recommended, but not required. Be prepared to sweat!

Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Downtown Dance Collective
Phone: (406) 541-7240

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